Budgeting Support and Assistance Service

Budgeting Support and Assistance Service

Our Budgeting Service is available as an add-on for ALMPro clients. A senior analyst will work with the credit union in developing a budgeted balance sheet, and the model will generate budget interest income and interest expense. We utilize these figures to derive the completed balance sheet and income statement budget.

Following the budget development process, the credit union can choose to receive budget versus actual variance comparison analysis reports for the balance sheet and income statement on periodic intervals of their choosing throughout the year. These are generally quarterly, monthly, or annual periods.

Specific features of the service and process can include:

  • A dedicated senior financial analyst can provide support and assistance during the budgeting development and variance analysis process.
  • A budget model will provide budget interest income and interest expense based on the balance sheet budget expectations and other additional factors. A budget income statement will then be developed for the year.
  • Budget versus actual variance analysis reports for the balance sheet, month to date income statement, and year to date income statement can be provided on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

The budgeting support and assistance service can provide the help you need with the development process and periodic budget comparison reporting. The cost of the service is very competitive and cost effective if you are looking to outsource some of this work load and at the same time obtain the additional resources of the service.

Discover what many of our clients have discovered:

“Thank you for the excellent job in going over our September report with the board. We all learn a lot from you each session.”

— Darwin B., Citizens Community Credit Union

“They are extremely helpful and answered all of my questions thoroughly and patiently. Just one of the many reasons I use Mark H Smith, Inc. Thank you for such great service!”

— Valerie W., Bethlehem 1st Federal Credit Union