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Mark H. Smith, Inc. helps credit unions of all sizes manage their balance sheet and optimize earnings with our outsourced solutions. These proven solutions include Asset and Liability Management, Interest Rate Risk Management, and Liquidity Risk Management tools. Additional areas of expertise include CECL, Interactive Peer Analysis, Comprehensive Interactive Loan and Deposit Analytics, and other supporting ALM services. MHSI strives to promote credit union success by giving personalized service, improving understanding through training, supporting the credit union’s financial stability, and assisting with regulatory compliance. Founded in 1984 with an ongoing commitment to responsive client support and competitive costs, we currently serve over 400 credit unions nationally.

Upcoming Webinars

Mark H Smith Webinar ALM Model Validation Reviews

ALM Analysis in a Changing Rate Environment

Wed, February 15, 2023, 12:00 MST
Now more than ever, Income simulation and NEV analysis are essential tools for estimating interest rate risk. Credit union leaders need to understand this analysis and utilize this information in making decisions. During this webinar, we will discuss how to use this analysis along with other questions relating to IRR and how to utilize the results of your IRR analysis to increase profitability.

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  • Discuss confidence level in their current IRR analysis
  • Examine how to utilize the results to better manage their credit union in this current environment
  • Review whether your policy limits are reasonable, too restrictive, or liberal
  • Demonstrate how to use the IRR analysis as a tool to manage interest rate risk, not to avoid interest rate risk
  • Learn ways to utilize the IRR analysis for more than regulatory compliance
  • Answer questions
Mark H Smith Webinar ALM Model Validation Reviews

Basic ALM/Interest Rate Risk Training for Credit Union Leaders, Board, and ALCO

Wed., March 15, 2023, 12:00 MDT

Are you new to your Board or ALCO or need a refresher course on interest rate risk? Join us for a basic overview of IRR and Balance Sheet Management. A good understanding of this concept is important for making sound management decisions for your credit union.

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  • Discuss who is responsible for interest rate risk oversight, setting policy, and establishing risk limits
  • Review the different types of interest rate risk analysis
  • Explain the importance of internal controls
  • Explore how to use this information to manage your credit union

Free Product Sample & Consultation

Mark H Smith Inc 2020 Basic Rate Sensitivity Analysis

Basic Rate Sensitivity Analysis

The Basic Rate Sensitivity Analysis helps a credit union understand the historical behavior of deposit rates. This is one of the most important components in evaluating interest rate risk. This report estimates your credit union’s deposit rate sensitivities or betas that are unique to your credit union using call report data. It then compares your credit union’s deposit rate sensitivities to other credit unions in your county, state, and nation. Please click below if you would like a FREE copy of your Basic Rate Sensitivity Analysis along with a 10-15 minute consultation to show how this report can benefit your credit union.

For additional webinars and links to past webinars, please see the resources page and click on upcoming webinars or webinar archives.

Our Services

Mark H Smith ALMPro Classic

ALMPro Classic

Our ALMPro® Classic service estimates interest rate risk (IRR) and liquidity risk for credit unions with less complex balance sheets while providing a fully comprehensive ALM solution.

Mark H Smith ALMPro Plus

ALMPro Plus

Our ALMPro Plus service provides an amplified IRR and Liquidity Risk analysis and includes an Executive Summary. This level is suitable for credit unions with more complex balance sheets.

Mark H Smith ALMPro Premier

ALMPro Premier

Our ALMPro Premier service provides instrument level analytics and paramount modeling to analyze IRR and Liquidity Risk. This level is appropriate for credit unions with complex balance sheets who want more in-depth analysis or increased customization.

Mark H Smith Interactive Peer Analysis

Interactive Peer Analysis

Our interactive peer analysis tool allows you to customize historical financial statement, performance, interest rate, and trend comparisons to your specific asset size and geographic peers.

Mark H Smith Deposit Analysis

Deposit Analysis

A comprehensive Deposit Analysis from Mark H. Smith, Inc. employs an account level study of a credit unions non-maturity deposits over time to provide institution-specific rate sensitivities, cu historical responses to market rate changes, and decay and average life of deposits.

Mark H Smith Budgeting Support

Budgeting Support

Our Budgeting Service is available as an add-on for ALMPro clients. A senior analyst works with the CU to develop a budgeted balance sheet and the model will generate budget interest income and interest expense. The completed balance sheet and income statement budget are then completed.

Mark H Smith ALM Model Validation

ALM Model Validation

Our comprehensive IRR Model and Management Process Validation Review performs an in-depth appraisal of your IRR/ALM model as well as your entire IRR management process. The goal for us is to add value to your ALM program by leveraging our extensive experience and best-practice advice.

CECL Analysis

CECL Analysis

CECL is a new standard for Allowance for Loan and Lease Loss (ALLL) and will be effective January 1, 2021. In spite of the future effective date, credit unions need to start preparing their data now. MHSI will have a CECL solution for small to medium sized credit unions starting the 1st quarter 2018.

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Mark H. Smith, Inc. has been helping credit unions for over thirty years. Not only have we been an advocate for small to medium-sized credit unions and IRR/ALM analysis, we also take a step further and train these same leaders on how to use this information for better management decisions.

Mark H Smith Highly Skilled Staff of Credit Union Experts

Teach & Train
as Part of our

Our highly skilled staff of credit union experts put teaching and training our clients at the top of their priorities. We want you to succeed and know with the right information you can. We are happy to review your report, train your ALCO, or attend a board meeting. We also have many other ways to speed up the learning curve such as webinars and other online resources.

Mark H Smith Expertise that is Accommodating and Service Oriented

Expertise that is
Accommodating and

In spite of being highly trained, the staff at Mark H. Smith, Inc. is here to help and be accommodating if at all possible. We want to make things easier for you and serve you with a friendly contact and a quality product with people you can rely on.


2022 Basic Rate Sensitivity Analysis

The Basic Rate Sensitivity Analysis helps a credit union understand the historical behavior of deposit rates. This is one of the most important components in evaluating interest rate risk..