What's ahead with IRR

What's Ahead with IRR. Still a Factor for Credit Unions?

Revisiting Interest Rate Risk: It's Still a Factor!

By Mark H. Smith, Founder

Photo For almost a decade, short term interest rates have been manipulated and driven down to historically low levels by the Federal Reserve. Even today, short term rates remain near lows. For some financial managers in the credit union sector, that's all they have known.

Many credit union CFO!s and financial managers have never personally experienced high rates or rising rates in their professional capacity. They have only heard about them and read about them in history books. But we all know that, at least for some of us, it takes personal experience to internalize and feel the impact of an event.

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Has Your ALCO Become Complacent?

By Cynthia R. Walker, CEO

Photo Asset-Liability Committees (ALCO) may have become complacent over the last 8 years due to the lack of movement in market rates. Many credit unions I have worked with have been strategically focused on preserving or growing their loan portfolios, while deposit pricing was glossed over due to the inability to further boost the net interest margin from the cost of funds side.

Now that it appears more rate hikes are likely during 2017, and many are cheering the possibility of widening margins and better net profits, it would be appropriate to review the responsibilities of the ALCO and give some thought to possible improvements.

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Small Credit Unions—The Silent Majority

By Scott Butterfield, Guest Author

Small Credit Unions The Silent Majority In many ways, today's small credit unions resemble the "little guy" the credit union movement fights so hard to recognize and serve. As of September, 71.9% of our 5,966 credit unions are considered "small," with assets of less than $100 million. Last year, I personally visited more than 35 small credit union boards and management teams for strategic planning sessions, credit unions located across the country in both urban and rural environments, and representative of all types of membership charters. My travels put me in a unique position to listen to and observe needs, wants–and, increasingly, frustrations.

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CECL Survey Results

Photo One of our objectives in conducting the CECL survey was to provide credit unions with some insight as to where their peers may be in the planning and development process. In addition to their progress, we also queried how they were going to implement CECL.

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Coming Soon ... New Logo in March

At Mark H. Smith, Inc., we strive to provide you, our clients and members of the credit union community, with the latest Interest Rate and Liquidity Risk solutions and services, along with other vital credit union consulting. We are continually looking for ways to improve and better assist our clients.

Just as your needs and the industry continue to evolve, we've noticed that it's time to update our logo and refresh our image. Watch for our new corporate logo coming at the end of March. The ALMPro Report and website will be updated to reflect our industry–leading services.

While our logo and other items will be changing, one thing will always stay the same–our commitment to provide you with unparalleled service and solutions.

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