Structuring Your Investment Portfolio for Liquidity

Presented by Guest Speaker Jason Williams-Portfolio Manager at Moreton Asset Management.

Are your loan volumes up this year? For many credit unions, the answer to that question is “Yes!” In this webinar, we will cover how the investment portfolio can be a better source of liquidity for your credit union. Many investments brokers are great at selling bonds to your credit union but leave out the information on how to sell bonds back should you need the money to make a loan.


  • Structuring your portfolio for liquidity
  • How to get realistic pricing estimates on your investment portfolio
  • Best practices for selling securities in your portfolio
  • Understanding the liquidity characteristics of investment asset classes that you own

Jason Williams has spent 15 years managing over $2 billion in bond portfolios for institutions. He has worked extensively with credit unions and is knowledgeable as to the regulatory environment in which they operate.